Basmart Health usually tries to make a difference, and this will only happen through the advanced training process.

Advanced training is an in-depth process designed for healthcare professionals who need to teach, implement and investigate quality improvement, outcome measurement and management of both clinical and non- Clinical operations.

Healthcare sector today is undergoing rapid transformation in terms of quality service delivery, technology, operations, workforce management, etc. One of the key concerns today is “whether our hospital staff, the biggest asset of a healthcare organization, is abreast and well equipped with the expertise, required for undergoing these changes??” The answer, more often than not, is negative. Organisations therefore need to plan and provide training to their staff in order to bridge this gap.


Our training process relies on the introduction of the latest, in addition to the latest technologies and means, and also the process of practical application through workshops.

The design of our training programs is subject to a rigorous process, and may be subject to a number of designs depending on the level of the recipient .. But it is important to understand that the end result is always the same. There is also an on-the-job training process, through which employees are developed through practical training as they perform their work.

Basmart Health always tries to transmit civilization to its customers, and that civilization means everything that is new and modern and supports ambition towards the future.




  1. The subject of the training program should be carefully selected according to your interests.
  2. In the case of group training for hospitals and health organizations, prior coordination is required.
  3. No smoking in training rooms.
  4. Do not use a mobile phone in the training rooms.
  5. You must respect The start and end times of the training day..
  6. The training program certificate is granted only at 100% attendance.
  7. The trainee undergoes pre & post test assessment.


In all cases you should contact us at:

We will send details of the program and the method of joining.