On behalf of the team of Basmart Health, I would like to welcome you to our website which I trust you will find as a reliable, useful and valuable source of information.

Our motto, “The Future Is Here”, reflects our assiduous effort and ongoing striving to assist healthcare systems, whether domestically or internationally, by providing high quality of technical, administrative, planning and executive support to all medical institutions, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical care providers in order to develop them and keep them up to international standards.

This motto also reflects our concern for the health of future generations, and to help besiege various diseases, so we are required to bring the future to the present time.

We also offer a creative vision in the planning and implementation of integrated health development services programs. We also support the implementation of corporate responsibility programs for large companies and institutions that are looking for experts in the field of health development to implement their community projects.

We will not say that we are the first in our field in Egypt. But the reality is that we have the strong initiative towards the international standers.

 Our experts have a great history in our field, and medical insurance companies will find their goal to solve the problems of claims, considering that we have a leading experience in medical auditing and health economics solutions.

Basmart Health was founded by my own initiative, after a long history in medical work and health management of major medical projects in Egypt and the Arab world, in addition to my role as expert and researcher in the field of health economics , also as international consultant in sustainable health development.

I also have a great experience as a founder and ex-chairman of the Egyptian council of pro-peace physicians (ECOPP), whose main objective was to combat the diseases in poor areas of Egypt, as well as to respond to epidemics and natural disasters according to international standards.

Over the past 25 years in professional medical and health development, I have made sure that the health sector in Egypt and the Arab world needs a home of expertise that plans, thinks, provides support and assistance to medical facilities and is able to implement local and international health development programs.

It is a trusted role that we will be presenting to you with skills, honesty and precision.

Our services will be fully compliant with international standards, Through generating innovative entrepreneurial ideas, meticulous planning, and with the support of hardworking, enthusiastic, diligent, high-performance teams, working in tandem, and committed to their duties.

 We shall continue to fulfill our mission of expanding our production of high-quality products, to satisfy the needs of the medical & health communities.

Basmart Health will continue to improve its efficiency in every aspect and will continuously endeavor for evolution, saving no effort to meet the current and future expectations of the healthcare systems and to contribute to the healthcare development of our country.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all those enthusiasts of us, consultants and experts of the company, all customers who have thought to cooperate with us from the first moment, and all  staff for their trust  and efforts to maintain our position as the first company in supporting the institutional and technical capabilities of medical institutions and projects, as well as In the field of sustainable health development services.

Chairman &

Chief Executive Officer