FootBallMed – Pro

Training for what our stadiums need

The presence of medics, therapists and performance personnel in professional football has now grown enormously over the past 20 years, both in number and in significance, recognising the importance of their work and contribution to the modern game.

FIFA has been interested in football medicine, and established centers of excellence, a diploma for specialization, and has developed guidelines for this mission.

However, this development has not spread in many countries, and the stadiums are still experiencing catastrophic incidents during the matches because of the lack of preparations and necessary medical equipment .

Basmart Health want to help teams and clubs to save the soccer's lives by applying the FIFA Guidelines.


Pro plans to:

  1. Raise awareness of FIFA guidelines in football medicine.
  2. Conducting advanced training courses for sports medical personnel.
  3. Explain the tools and equipment for intervention in cases of sudden cardiac arrest during competitions.
  4. Assist in training in the use of tools and equipment.
  5. Training programs in football medicine.
  6. Putting the perfect jo positions and description for the medical team.