Basmart Health is involved in the process of managing hospitals and medical centers in the public and private sectors, and we offer tremendous development on the current situation, or we are establishing a pioneering system in new facilities.

Our management solutions are diverse and unique, and they begin with cadres and reconfigure them according to the requirements of the development phase.

We can work in the presence of the current management or take the job alone!

The changing health care landscape

One of the most difficult industries to innovate is the health care industry, in particular, the hospital industry. While the manufacturing industries and most services industries, like airline, hotel, restaurants, and banking have reinvented themselves to provide better quality and services to their customers, hospital processes have not dramatically changed over the years as to impact over-all patient satisfaction. It is common and ironic to see out-of-date management practices mixed with state-of-the-art medical equipment and sophisticated information technologies. Service quality has lagged behind hardware and software quality in many hospitals.

Given the rapid changes in the hospital’s operating environment and stakeholders, change and innovation have become strategic in managing hospitals, and the high turnover of medical staff particularly nurses, the current economic hardship that prompts more self-medication, and the increase in new hospitals in the country are going to challenge traditional hospital practices and paradigms. Hospitals stakeholders – patients, their employers, doctors, nurses, and HMO’s – have likewise become more demanding and have raised their expectations from hospitals. Meanwhile, operating costs – salaries, supplies, and utilities – have continuously gone up. Addressing the need to provide better service with rising costs and regulations requires strategic thinking and solutions.

With Basmart Health you don't need for long term thinking