Basmart Health strives to help investors in the medical care and health development market, and we offer unique support to investors, and all of our services can be volunteered in the service of investment, especially in Egypt.

The health care system in the Egyptian market has recently witnessed interest from capitals and investment funds.
The government has allocated 9 billion pounds to develop and establish new hospitals during the previous year from a total of 103 billion allocated to spend on the sector, while the volume of investment in the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt about 120 billion pounds, and the volume of exports to 1.9 billion.


Basmart Health opens the way for investors wishing to invest in healthcare in Egypt by establishing hospitals and medical centers according  to international standards.
Now we can confirm that the Egyptian government puts all possibilities at the service of investors, and  Basmart Health will start the way with the investor starting from the idea, feasibility study, market analysis, planning, implementation and completion of all procedures and licenses.

We have a unique group of business partners in the field of hospital architecture and medical centers, and in the field of micro finance studies. We can be sure that we will be a loyal ally of the serious investor in Egypt.

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