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Basmart Health offers a range of professional training courses in the fields of medical services and integrated health development.

We are considered unique in this type of advanced training, which reflects an excellent ability to deal with the finer details in medical and health care.


Medical Auditing

Course includes:

  • Complete coursework at own pace.
  • Personal Online Mentor to email with any questions.
  • Audio lectures.
  • Games and activities.
  • Quizzes.
  • Timed exams after each Module to help you prepare for the real thing.
  • Audit abstraction of case studies.
  • Full,Simulated Chart Audit with required report of finding and recommendations.
  • Test taking tips for certification exam.
  • Timed Practice Final Exam.


  • Module 1: The Role of the Medical Record Auditor.
  • Module 2: Compliance in the Medical Practice.
  • Module 3: Regulatory Compliance.
  • Module 4: Documentation Basics.
  • Module 5: The Medical Record.
  • Module 6: Clinical Documentation Improvement.
  • Module 7: Auditing Fundamentals.
  • Module 8: Auditing Evaluation and Management Services.
  • Module 9: Auditing the Office Medical Record.
  • Module 10: Evaluation and Management Audit Case Study.
    Exercises in the Office Setting.
  • Module 11: Evaluation and Management Audit Case Study.
    Exercises in the Hospital Setting.
  • Module 12: The Surgical Medical Record.
  • Module 13: Auditing Diagnostic Radiology Services and                       Physical Therapy Professional Services.
  • Module 14: Final Exam (Certification Practice Exam).