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Basmart Health offers a range of professional training courses in the fields of medical services and integrated health development.

We are considered unique in this type of advanced training, which reflects an excellent ability to deal with the finer details in medical and health care.


Medical marketing

Medical Marketing (Medical Affairs in Pharmaceutical Industry) is a science concerning efficient exchange of medical and scientific information between a drug manufacturer and the prescribing doctor, or exceptionally with the patients, based upon evidence based medicine and marketing ethics. The objective of this information exchange is to correctly describe the healthcare products and therapeutics for their efficient and ethical use and optimize their market potential through appropriate positioning.

Course Structure :

  • Module 1: introduction to healthcare & pharmaceutical industry.
  • Module 2: epidemiology and evidence based medicine.
  • Module 3: pharmaceutical medicine.
  • Module 4: therapeutic areas.
  • Module 5: marketing concepts.
  • Module 6: new product development, life cycle & key opinion leader advocacy.
  • Module 7: healthcare marketing ethics.
  • Module 8: clinical research.
  • Module 9: pharmacovigilance.
  • Module 10: marketing tactics.
  • Module 11: regulatory affairs.
  • Module 12: personality development.                  


Medical marketing also includes how to market medical services in hospitals and medical centers, and now major hospitals are interested in marketing their services.

Like retail stores or software companies, hospitals aim to increase their bottom line by attracting and retaining consumers. But there is one key difference: Healthcare consumers (i.e., patients) are rarely eager to buy what hospitals are offering. In fact, patients are often trying to avoid the less-than-ideal circumstances (i.e., injuries and illnesses) that may lead to a hospital visit. So what’s a hospital to do?

While it might seem strange to think about your hospital competing for business, that’s exactly the mindset you need. To grow in today’s ever-changing healthcare environment, you must promote your services and create brand awareness. And that means you need a well-thought-out hospital marketing strategy.

As you think about how to do hospital marketing for your specific brand, keep BASMART HEALTH in mind.