A well-planned healthcare space works better, provides greater efficiency for physicians, nurses and staff, which leads to better care and greater comfort for patients. Basmart’s medical planning play a key role in creating that space. Planners observe and analyze a client’s needs, in collaboration with project designers, technical architects and engineers and establishes the optimal relationships among buildings, departments and rooms. Thanks to their unique skill set, medical planners develop plans and ideas that respond holistically to the facility’s operational needs. They help the client develop and transform functional criteria into healthcare spaces that work.

Our Medical Planners are involved at the very beginning of a medical project. Their involvement starts at the planning and programming stage and carries through the design process to ensure that clinical requirements drive the solutions and are not an afterthought.

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Clinical planning integrated with design ensures that our clients gain best value from their investment. Our approach is service driven and ensures that you realise productivity benefits through efficient planning.

We offer services for the preparation of :

  1. Establish a Clear Vision for the Location.
  2. Plan for the Future.
  3. Weigh the Costs of New Construction Versus Existing Medical Buildings.
  4. Evaluate the Site Based on Retail Real Estate Fundamentals.
  5. Determine Your Location’s Launch Plan.

Tools like parametric blocking and stacking diagrams provide valuable insights, allowing us to validate and improve on plans in a timely manner. Along with the latest knowledge in medical guidelines and code compliance, our planners bring expertise, share best practices and benchmarking, facilitate workshops and challenge traditional thinking, always seeking to further improve plans for our clients and the patients they serve.

Medical equipment is highly complex and its technology is ever evolving. It demands a high level of knowledge of the precise installation measures, design standards and environmental conditions for proper functioning. These requirements present numerous design challenges while also considering the intricate logistics and lowering overall costs.

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