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Basmart Health carries out medical researches and medical surveys for the benefit of applicants,and this is done in accordance with the standards controlling the rules of medical and scientific researches.

Medical research which is absolutely necessary and fundamental for acquiring and propagating worthwhile novel knowledge is equally controversial because of the conflicts of interest of the researchers or the sponsors. Both universal and regional guidelines have been proposed to strike a balance between these two opposing interests and to ensure standardized ethical research.

Basmart Health respects these principles, that including:

  1. Principles of essentiality.
  2. Principles of voluntariness, informed consent, and community agreement.
  3. Principles of non-exploitation.
  4. Principles of privacy and confidentiality.
  5. Principles of precaution and risk minimization.
  6. Principles of professional competence.
  7. Principles of accountability and transparency.
  8. Principles of the maximization of the public interest and of distributive justice.
  9. Principles of public domain.
  10. Principles of totality of responsibility.


Basmart Health Carry out researches with honesty imposed by the human conscience..

We also carry out researches and surveys related to the pharmaceutical industry, and the impact of pharmaceutical drugs.

We help pharmaceutical companies to know the effectiveness of medications on patients, and make comparisons with other similar drugs, as well as discovering side effects, and how effective the drug is in the environment in which it is used.

Now.. All pharmaceutical manufacturers and scientific offices can rely on us in conducting studies and drug surveys, and we will provide the service with the required accuracy, through a team of experienced and competent physicians and pharmacists.

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We also offer our services in veterinary researches, and we believe that human health is linked to animal health and the quality of the environment in which we live.