Pharma – Pro

What is Pharma - Pro ?

Pharma – Pro is a progressive specific consulting program in all operational aspects that belong the pharmaceutical industry and the developmental process that are related to human resources.  

This program is specifically designed to be directed to the management of pharmaceutical companies, where we offer innovative and new solutions to many of the fundamental or side problems that disturb management. 

We develop solutions and present them to the CEO, and we design plan for improvement and implement it within a specified period to help manufacturers streamline costs, improve productivity and become more competitive and successful in today’s evolving market.

We do a one-week assessment of the situation, then we submit our report including costs after ten working days, and we are ready to implement it after another week of contracting procedures.
This period can be extended according to the client’s request and needs.

Our Pro services include:

  1. Human resources services improvement.
  2. Medical care services for employees.
  3. Advanced Training.
  4. Marketing tactics.
  5. Good Manufacturing practices.
  6. Supply Chain.
  7. Regulatory Services.
  8. Quality Systems.
  9. Operational Excellence.
  10. Feasibility Studies.
  11. Documentation Systems.
  12. Technology Transfer.

Unique marketing tactics

Alternative management for medical care

Good choice for new jobs

Good training to avoid occupational diseases