Our sustainability ambition

To use our capabilities to make the most meaningful impact where society needs it – health.

At Basmart Health

 We are united our desire to push the boundaries of business to deliver life-changing health solutions.

We know this is how we will continue to work for the lives of millions of patients everywhere while delivering value to our employees, our communities and the environment.

We believe there is a strong connection between the health of our business, out clients, our workforce, and the planet and each of these impact one another.

How do we approach sustainability at Basmart Health?

Our sustainability strategy is built around three pillars that put health at the heart of our work—beginning with

Access to healthcare solutions and strategies. As an ambition company, we seek to benefit from this positive change in the investment and development movement in Egypt and we arrange our capabilities and our expertise to make a real difference.

The second , we are dealing with the environment as the basis of life, and its preservation is the pillar of sustainability in our policy.

The third , is the ethics and transparency , this creates trust between us and everyone who intends to join our team or deal with us in our services.

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Access to healthcare solutions and strategies

Our access to healthcare solutions and strategies is based on research, study and update. We do this through our innovative research and cross-cutting relationships in the field and development centers around the world,

Environmental protection

We manage our environmental impact in all our activities and products with great care.

Ethics and transparency

Creating positive societal impact and promote ethical behaviour in all markets across our value chain.


Our multiple sources are as follows:

• Scientists.
• Market researches.
• committee of our consultants.
• Professional medical team.
• National and international partnerships.
• Continuous efforts and trails for innovation.