For Better Health Of The Planet

There is a close relationship between human and animal health, and there are many human diseases of animal origin, for example .. rabies, bird flu, Ebola, haemorrhagic fever, tuberculosis and Lyme diseases are all zoonotic diseases – zoonoses transmitted to humans. They are many: 60% of human pathogens come from domestic or wild animals.

Basmart Health understands that it is not possible to work in the areas of health development without considering animal health and veterinary medicine.

For this we have been very interested in the veterinary fields, and we have known the impact of this through our previous work in two decades on projects related to veterinary services and animal health.

Our scope of work

  1. Veterinary awareness.
  2. Veterinary training (technical and administrative).
  3. Numbering and registration of livestock.
  4. Veterinary Research.
  5. Launching epidemic preparedness and rapid response programs.
  6. Logistics and Supply Chain.
  7. Equipping veterinary hospitals and clinics.

Our experts in previous years have played an important role in participating in the fight against avian flu, and training veterinary staff on how to manage epidemic disasters of animal origin according to international standards.

Recall our past experience