Basmart Health for medical facilities upgrading and integrated health development services

Basmart Health is an Egyptian company and was founded by the expert physician Dr. Bassem Adel, who has a unique experience in the medical field as a consultant in cardiology and critical care, as well as a well-known consultant in the field of change management , sustainable health development, and as an international researcher and lecturer in the field of health economics.

The company derives its name from the name of the founder, after he decided after 25 years of hard work to provide his expertise professionally through this entity, so he seeks from the first moment to lead a wonderful team of cadres and expertise that will change a lot around them, and will develop clear scientific and practical solutions to all crises facing the health sector Inside and outside Egypt. 


Our company works in the field of supporting medical institutions and integrated health development, and is specialized in providing all development solutions in terms of institutional support or electronic technologies that make a smart health institution, and we also work in the field of supporting medical and health projects, whether an idea or on the ground.

This requires us to also be interested in helping everyone find professional human resources in the fields of medical and health work, through the process of training and continuous development, and we have unprecedented training programs and keep pace with the global progress in the management of health care services.

We also work as a consultant in administrative and financial solutions and health economics tactics, as well as providing accurate feasibility studies for various medical projects and investments.

We also look forward to assisting governments in implementing sustainable health development programs and developing health insurance services.

We are also ready to participate in supporting health and medical requirements and setting up field hospitals in the event of natural disasters.We have professional managers in the field of health and epidemiological disaster management according to international standards.

We will be close to the medical insurance companies, which suffer from the disadvantages of the dual role of the doctor as a service provider and agent for the patient causing huge losses for these companies, and the officials of these companies must be very confident that we can provide advanced services in the medical audit of treatment bills And accompanying medical procedures.

Non-governmental organizations should recognize that we look forward to helping them implement their health programs, as well as to large corporations that allocate part of their profits to support health development.